“At present we are on the outside…the wrong side of the door. We cannot mingle with the pleasures we see.” C.S. Lewis

Our group specialises in unearthing and investing in low profile, niche and high-quality funds.

We believe that it is simply not possible for a single investment management company (often based in London) to excel across all asset classes, geographies and sectors… we select the best specialist practitioners globally.

These investment managers are often off limits to private clients for various reasons:

  • They are too small for large investment advisory services firms to invest
  • They do not deal with private clients
  • They have high minimum investment sizes
  • They are closed to new investors
  • They are low profile and hard to discover

Too many private clients are disadvantaged by their investment advisory services company’s inability to invest in these funds, often restricting selection only to in-house or mass-market products.

We adopt a “multi-manager” investment advisory services style which eschews the conventional static-benchmark template. We favour a more flexible approach with higher growth opportunities. We actively allocate capital across geographies, asset classes and themes. We are always agnostic of benchmarks as active asset allocation is a key driver of returns.

The investment team identifies, interviews and carries out due diligence on many of the world’s leading funds… It is clear to us that a portfolio consisting of various specialist fund managers, based around the world and focusing on specific industries, themes or asset classes is likely to perform better than the one-man, generalist approach typical within the investment advisory services industry.

We can help with:

  • Investment Management 
  • Wealth Management
  • Financial & Tax Advice
  • School Fee Planning
  • Pension Advice

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