Our investment team are recognised as industry leaders in creating multi-manager funds.

It is clear to us that a portfolio consisting of various specialist fund managers, based around the world, focusing on specific industries or themes is likely to perform better than the one-man, generalist approach, typical within the industry.

We recognise that globally there are only a limited number of exceptional fund managers.

The group has a team of analysts whose responsibility is to unearth and carry out due diligence on these managers. They then monitor these funds and continue to curate the multi manager fund.

Major benefits of the multi-manager funds approach to investing are as follows:

Global Thematic Investing

An antidote to the depressingly-defeatist passive movements which have been born of investor apathy and lacklustre performance by expensive and mediocre investment managers.

Investments are made with successful proven managers that have conviction and are agnostic to benchmarks.

Our focus on thematic investing eschews the conventional industry template that typically uses asset class & geography-based allocation, in favour of global themes with higher growth opportunities irrespective of geography and asset class.

Optimal Diversification

By deploying capital to several leading fund managers, with differing views and varying risk appetites we aim to give our clients a smoother performance.

Many investment managers have a ‘company view’ which means their portfolios are always going to be biased and will contain single manager risk. Our portfolios are designed to be diversified optimally, making our service a “one stop shop” with no one single influence driving performance.

Of course, diversification is not necessary if you get it right all the time, but the truth is that even the best investors get it wrong occasionally, and bad ones get it wrong quite often…