Pension Consultants

Our pension consultants can help you to position your pension optimally…

Our advisors can help you to consolidate historic schemes into a single pension with a suitable and coherent investment strategy.

Pension rules have changed considerably in recent years and can now offer investors significant advantages. For example, some higher rate taxpayers can save as much as 60% tax on pension contributions and some pensions can be Inheritance Tax Free.

Pension Consultancy

Featherstone provides private clients with pension consultancy advice, which includes investment, tax and financial planning. We can help with:

  • Investments, ISAs & Trusts
  • Financial Advice
  • Pension advice
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • School Fee Planning

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Personal Pensions

The most common type of pension in the UK, typically invested in through a work scheme. Our consultants are very used to collating data from multiple personal pensions, rationalising it and giving pension advice on consolidation.

Pensions commonly make up a large percentage of an individual’s investment portfolio but are too often overlooked as part of an overall investment management strategy. Our pension consultants work directly with private clients who often have several historic pensions that need to be consolidated so that they are in a coherent strategy.

In recent years pensions have become even more central to overall personal financial planning as in certain circumstances they can be Inheritance Tax exempt.

Our pension consultants will do all of the hard work, the end result is typically lower fees and a more suitable investment strategy.

Self-Invested Pensions Plans (SIPP)

A self-invested pension plan is a more flexible form of pension, giving the owner more freedom in how to invest. Instead of selecting a generic investment pot as in the case of a personal pension, our client can invest in a wider range of assets. These include equities, bonds, funds, commercial property and land.

SIPPs are often used to consolidate several historic workplace schemes so that all pensions can be under one roof and invested in a coherent way. SIPPs can also be used for effective Inheritance Tax planning.

Our pension consultants have a great deal of expertise in advising on SIPPs

In some cases, it is also possible to own “real assets” within a pension such as commercial property and agricultural land.

Defined Benefit Schemes

Unless you work in the public sector or have a historic scheme, gone are the days of retiring with a generous guaranteed ‘defined benefit’ pension, also known as ‘final salary schemes’.

These ‘Gold Plated’ schemes have made way for lower quality and more temperamental workplace pension schemes, where the employers’ burden of responsibility is transferred to the employee.

Our pension consultants can offer measured advice on this part of your personal financial planning.

Pension Consultants

Our pension planning consultants have access to various different pension companies so have the ability to offer pension advice across various platforms and pension providers. Our pension advisors are ranked amongst the top pension consultants in the UK and offer completely impartial pension advice. Many pension planning consultants are tied to a single pension provider whereas our pension advisors are not.

Pension Planning

Our pension planning consultants work with a lot of clients who have paid into pensions for many years without proper pension planning consideration, at this stage, it is often too late to work effectively with a pension planning consultant. Our pension advisors encourage our clients to get their pension planning in order as early as possible. Pension planning consultants can add huge value to a client’s financial plan, as pensions are potentially IHT free, pension planning and good pension advice with a pension planning consultant can really help a client’s long term financial planning.