“The rich hire lawyers and accountants for a reason – to pass the tax bill on to you.” George W Bush

For most people, personal financial planning should be straightforward and uncostly. It is an area often over-complicated to the detriment of the client.

If done well, financial planning should benefit and secure future generations of your family.

The financial planning industry is so often full of jargon and complex terminology, we always endeavor to give financial advice as clearly and as straightforwardly as possible.

We will continuously review changes in legislation to ensure that your personal financial planning remains up to date and evolves with your changing circumstances.

We can help with:

  • Investment Management 
  • Wealth Management
  • Financial & Tax Advice
  • School Fee Planning
  • Pension Advice

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Areas in which we have particular expertise include:

Pension Advice

Our pension consultants will help you to plan effectively for retirement. Often this involves the consolidation of various old pension schemes into one manageable pension, which we will do for you.

Investment Tax & Estate Planning

Estate planning sets out how everything you own (your estate) should be distributed to those who will inherit from you after you die.

Estate planning is critical within personal financial planning, not only to mitigate potential Inheritance Tax but to transfer assets, control and decision making powers to able members of the next generation and protect family assets against potential risks. The transfer of property to future generations is a very typical example of personal financial planning.

Inheritance Tax planning is a key element of the estate planning process and there are many vehicles – wills, trusts, insurance and more – to consider within personal financial planning.

Tax-Efficient School Fees Advice

School fees have increased significantly above the rate of inflation in the last couple of decades as schools compete to install Olympic standard facilities.

The good news is that within personal financial planning there are tax efficient ways to pay these astronomical bills and we can help you to do this, whilst we also do it ourselves.