“In differentiation, not in uniformity, lies the path of progress” Louis D. Brandeis

We are frustrated by a bland and ever-homogenising industry which all too often provides poor advice, alienates people with jargon and seems to focus more on shareholders than on clients.

Trying to differentiate between firms from the outside is hard, to find out more about how we differ, please arrange a call by clicking here


Of course, “Past performance is no indication of future performance…” But in case you find it a useful barometer, our investment team have been recognised by industry experts, if you would like further information, please click here.

2019 Spear’s Magazine “Top 10 Wealth Managers in UK”
2018 Investment Week Fund Manager of the Year 2018 (Managed Cautious) – Highly Commended.
2018 Professional Adviser Awards (Multi-Asset Long Term Growth) – Finalist
2018 FE Trustnet – 5 Crown Rating
2018 Defaqto – 5 Diamond Rating (Multi-Manager Return Focused)
2018 Defaqto – 5 Diamond Rating (Single-Asset Return Focused)
2016 Investment Week – Special Investment Awards (Multi-Manager Group of the Year) – Finalist
2015 Investment Week – Special Investment Awards (Multi-Manager Group of the Year) – Finalist
2015 Specialist Investment Awards (Specialist Management Group of the Year) – Finalist

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The World’s Leading Investors

The most insightful fund managers are often unavailable to private clients or wealth management advisors for various reasons:

  • Large firms are often constrained to mass-market investments
  • Quite simply, they do not deal directly with private clients
  • High minimum investment requirements
  • Closed to new investors
  • Low profile and hard to discover

Our investment team is an industry leader in creating multi-manager funds, selecting the best specialist practitioners globally. These funds are often more niche, higher quality and lower profile than many private investors have exposure to.

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Investing Alongside Our Clients

We invest alongside our clients. We are investment partners.

Admittedly, it is hard to find a wealth management advisor who does not make this claim orally (but it is rare to see it written down).

The genesis of our group in 1999 was to run an optimal investment strategy for a single family, we simply offer other people the opportunity to invest alongside them.

The key benefit of being a family office investor is that our clients are completely aligned with us.

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Clear and Transparent Fees

No Initial Fees. No Exit Fees. No Performance Fees. No Commissions.

Cheaper options are always available… but it would not be our recommendation to outsource your investments to the lowest bidder.

We charge a single and transparent annual fee, which covers both investment and conventional financial planning advice, according to independent research by Numis, we compare favourably to our peers. If you would like to find out about our fees, please do get in touch by clicking here


There is a misconception that the bigger investment firms are better… fuelled, of course, by the marketing machines of these large companies.

The truth is that the best funds are often off the menu for larger firms as they are restricted by their size to mass-market and often mediocre investments. Smaller ’boutique’ firms can invest in niche, higher-quality and (potentially) better-performing investments.

“There are essentially two types of investment manager – those that gather assets and those that generate alpha (out-perform). Big managers are asset gathers, while the boutiques generate alpha.” Jonathan Little (Northill Capital)

We will keep the size of the firm small enough to benefit our clients.

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More Friendly

Our clients enjoy the qualities of a smaller, friendlier firm, while benefiting from our team’s experience working for firms such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, UBS, Odey and Deloitte.

In an industry which is often unwelcoming and full of jargon, we aim to be more approachable and speak plainly. Our view is summed up succinctly by Richard Oldfield in his book ‘Simple But Not Easy’:

“One of the reasons that investment is, for the amateur, a rather obscure activity is that, like anything else specialised, it is full of jargon, much of it devised to put off the amateur, and to reassure professionals that what they are doing is scientific. We aim to express in plain words what has often been rendered mysterious, dull and inaccessible by jargon and spin.”

We feel that clients no longer want the bland, overly formal, industry stereotype but prefer a more friendly and inclusive firm whose interests are aligned with theirs.

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